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August 2014 Newsletter

Thursday August 14, 2014 Meeting Minutes

40 members and 1 guests in attendance

Treasurer’s report: $1568.81 plus $379 from grant

Librarian's report: New DVDs

Old business

  • Pens for Troops supplies arrived

  • Festus Turning Day is August 16 - 9:00am - ?

  • Twin CIty Days (Sept 6)

  • Arnold Library Display set up at 9:00am

New business



  • October turning Day at Paul’s is October 18, 9:30

  • Woodcarver’s Show in Belleville, Nov 1&2 paperwork in, tablecloths required

  • Carrie will be teaching Beginning Woodturning at Grand Center Craft Alliance

  • Kat is looking for a motor to be rewound.  Commercial Electric was recommended.

  • Craft Supplies has $4.99 shipping for one more day

  • We need a nursing home for the birdhouse project

  • Paul Krautmann has mahogany suitable for birdhouse ornaments

Show and Tell


  1. Paul Hoffman - Walnut bowl, Stained bowl, giant Cherry bowl, PVC shreds

  2. Paul Krautmann - Oak Candleholders, Cherry Bowl, Burr Oak bowl

  3. Mike Ruch - Open Segmented vessel, Cherry vase, Stave turned vessel, Cherry clock

  4. Jan - Rosewood Natural Edge saucer

  5. Gail - Segmented urn, Florida mahogany square bowl, wing bowl

  6. Eric Haas - Open segmented bowl

  7. Glen Bond - Catalpa Appetizer tray

  8. Gib - Celtic knot pens, spindle, miniature goblet

  9. Dave Collins - Box Elder bowl

  10. Mike Short - Laminated wood bottle stoppers

  11. Roger - Hackberry thin bowl

  12. Mark Carpenter - Holly vase, Persimmon Box, Unknown box, Unknown vessel with African Blackwood finial, Segmented Bowl

  13. Kat Stegall - Pod vessels, Ebony bottle stopper

  14. Terry Eiler - Walnut natural edge bowl, plum natural edge bowl, Giant pine bowl


Instant Gallery of Show and Tell Items


President’s Challenge


The challenge this month was a thin-turned bowl.  Jerry Cox won

  1. Craig - Natural edge bowl

  2. Roger - Walnut thin walled goblet

  3. Mike Ruch - Walnut segmented bowl

  4. Terry Eiler - Oak Natural Edge wing bowl

  5. Paul Hoffman - Hamburger

  6. Mike Short - Cherry bowl

  7. Keith - Laminated bowl

  8. Dave Collins - Box Elder Bowl

  9. Jerry Cox - Curly maple with died basswood art piece

Instant Gallery of President's Challenge Items



Kat demonstrated turning pens

Next month's President's Challenge is a pen



July 2014 Newsletter

Thursday July 10, 2014 Meeting Minutes

34 members and 2 guests in attendance

Treasurer’s report: $2109.81

Librarian's report: New Woodturning Design magazine, New DVD on Segmented Urn

Old business

  • Keith found new sources for top blanks
  • Donations are needed for Twin City Days sale

New business

  • Carrie moved that we purchase a DVD set on segmented turning. Tim seconded, motion passed
  • Pens for Troops will happen again this year
  • Roger reported on dates for library display options
  • Pine is available at 9 Rivermont Drive


Show and Tell

  1. Jim Anderson - Maple bowl

  2. Mike Ruch - Birdhouse, Holly box, vessels

  3. Glen - Pens

  4. Craig - Funeral Urn

  5. Roger - Egg spinning board

  6. Glen Bond - Burl bowl

  7. Pat Bond - Red Elm vase

  8. Dave Collins - Honey Locust Platter, Cherry Bowl, Spalted Maple Bowl

  9. Paul’s Grandson - Chess pieces

  10. Terry - Maple natural edge bowl, Bow Elder bowl, soft maple three corner bowl

Instant Gallery of Show and Tell Items

President’s Challenge


The challenge this month was something with inlay.  Glen Bond won

  • Mike Ruch - Ring holder with gems

  • Glen Bond - Box elder and walnut

  • Pat Bond - Bottle stoppers

  • Craig - unknown bowl with coin

  • Roger - plate with brass shavings

Instant Gallery of President's Challenge Items


Brent demonstrated a thin-walled bowl.

President's challenge for July - Thin-walled bowl



June 2014 Newsletter

Thursday June 12, 2014 Meeting Minutes

37 members and 3 guests in attendance

Treasurer’s report: $2551

Librarian's report: Nothing New

Old business

  • Gary reported on turning day at Hillsboro
  • July 26 Festus artist's event, free for displays
  • Jim Anderson confirmed that we are not required to participate in the Firecracker Festival
  • Keith reported on the Belleville Art Show


New business


  • End Grain sealer is on sale for $10 a gallon
  • Rockler has good cherry birdhouse sticks on sale


Show and Tell

  1. Terry Eiler - Rotten unknown bowls, Box elder bowl, three-corner bowl

  2. Mike Ruch - cherry bowl, segmented vessel

  3. Mark Carpenter - Wands, segmented bowl with stand

  4. Eric Haas’s son - Snowman ornament

  5. Kat Stegall - Acrylic and pine cone pens, Holly bowl, mulberry vase

  6. Glen Bond - Ambrosia vessel with black palm finial

  7. Mike Short - Bottlestoppers, laminated blanks

  8. Joe Whitener - Walnut bowls

  9. Keith Buxton - Laminated cherry and walnut rolling pin

Instant Gallery of Show and Tell Items

President’s Challenge


The challenge this month was a something segmented.  Mike Short and Keith Buxton tied

  • Mike Short - segmented pen

  • Keith Buxton - Segmented Vase with tumbling blocks

  • Craig Schmidt- Stave turning

  • Mike Ruch - Segmented vessel with tumbling box

  • Roger Milfelt- Segmented Egg

  • Mike Carpenter - Segmented vessel and stand

  • Kat Stegall - Pens

Instant Gallery of President's Challenge Items


Carrie discussed options for inlay

President's challenge for July - Something with inlay



May 2014 Newsletter

May 8, 2014 Meeting Minutes

24 members in attendance

Treasurer’s report: $3321

Librarian's report: Nothing New

Old business


  • Turning day at Paul’s was a success 28 attendees
  • Paul provided demo at Flo Valley
  • Demonstration at Hillsboro school May 16, volunteer needed
  • Jim Anderson - Jefferson College auction report
  • Still waiting on projector and boom mic for club A/V equipment


New business


  • Gary retiring from library display effort, Roger wil be taking over
  • Terry Eiler won an award in DeSoto art show
  • Application for Belleville woodcarver’s show - Carrie moved we apply for the Belleville woodcarver’s show - motion passed
  • Website has been updated


Show and Tell


  1. Jim Anderson - Walnut pedestal bowl, cherry burl vessel
  2. Gail - Laminated bowl, headstock sander
  3. Gary - Jim Akins' Padauk bowl, Burr Oak Burl bowl with turquoise inlay
  4. Paul Hoffman - Large Cherry Bowl, other small bowls
  5. Mike Ruch - Walnut and Oak, Segmented canister, Live edge  bowl, Cane, Steady rest
  6. Roger - Live edge bowl, Autumn Olive Egg
  7. Steve - Laminated wood and newspaper article
  8. Mark Carpenter - Segmented cutting Jig, Segmented vases
  9. Kat - Pine cone pen blanks and pens, bowls, gavel
  10. Jim L. - Walnut bowls, Sycamore bowl
  11. Mike S. - Elm bowl, box elder bowl, Segmented pens


Instant Gallery of Show and Tell Items


President’s Challenge


The challenge this month was a three-cornered bowl.  There were 6 entries and Mike Short won

  1. Roger - Pine

  2. Mike Short - Silver Maple

  3. Craig -

  4. Paul - Cottonwood

  5. - laminated wood

  6. MIke R. - Three corner platter


Instant Gallery of President's Challenge Items



Mike demonstrated turning laminated items

President's challenge for June - Something laminated or segmented



April 2014 Newsletter

March 13, 2014 Meeting Minutes

3 guests, 30 members

Treasurer’s report: Collecting Dues

Librarian's report: Nothing New

Old business

  • Turning Day at the band building – 15-20 people attended, went from 9:30-2:30

  • Turning demo at Hillsboro School in May, not sure what day, Gary knows the details but wasn’t present at the meeting

  • Turning day at Paul’s Farm – May 3rd 2 club lathes, Keith’s lathe and Craig will bring his lathe Food and drink like prior times; club will provide drinks, food provided but will ask for donations Want to see sharpening; Dan Coleman will bring his new set-up, Keith will bring his setup Want to be shown tools Want to be taught how to look at a log and see which way to cut it for the best figure

  • Need volunteers for Expo at Flo Valley with Paul on 4/25

  • Provide donated items for Jeff Co auction

New business

  • Dennis Kehm asked for donations for Jefferson College Foundation silent auction
  • Received a grant from the AAW in the amount of $1,500 for audio/visual equipment, Craig getting equipment
  • Website – bylaws need to be updated to include new meeting location. Pat made a motion to make the change, motion passed, Pat will also follow up with filing the changes with the state also
  • Trailer of Osage orange offered by Chester

Show and Tell

  • Paul - Vase, plate and homemade faceplate/center
  • Jerry Goodson - Bowl that Carrie helped with on turning day and coffee scoops
  • Craig - Osage orange hollow vessel and a painted platter by air brush
  • Roger- long, thin stemmed goblet and a large egg from a tree that died in his backyard
  • Gib - olive wood pen and a box elder pen
  • Mike - brass pry bar and a small mallet
  • Mark Carpenter - curved segmented vase
  • Terry- natural edge mulberry bowl, box elder bowl and a silver maple bowl
  • Keith- Mike’s 3 segmented bowls and a celtic knot in blood wood on curly maple rolling pin
  • Carrie - 3 cornered bowl

Instant Gallery of Show and Tell Items

President’s Challenge

The challenge this month was a platter.  There were 6 entries and Terry won with a river piece of box elder

Instant Gallery of President's Challenge Items


Carrie demonstrated turning a 3 cornered bowl