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July 2012 Newsletter

July 12, 2012 Meeting Minutes

6 guests and 30 members were present.

Treasurer’s report: $2300.78 balance.  Pat is switching the club from BoA to a credit union in order to avoid a monthly service fee.

Library report: Terry let the new members know about the library benefits.

Old business

  • Craig has not yet spoken to the jefferson county art guild
  • Twin City Days Sept 8, 8-4pm: Question as to whether we'd have a lot of people there to buy bowls.  A better idea might be to have the sales up with the demonstrations.  Motion to sell things at the library location. Motion carries.  Jim will check into the food pantry options.  Bring bowls and other donations to the August meeting.
  • Jim and Terry have plenty of birdhouse birds for this year.
  • Carrie will look into the AV equipment prices
  • Carrie will add the benefits of membership on the website (insurance + club lathe)
  • Carrie won "Best in Wood" at the Craft Alliance Emerging Artist show.  Go see the show through August 11.
New Business

  • Craig is taking donations of turned pens for the troops.  He will take them to turn on chicago. There is a motion for the club to turn pens and donate to the troops.  Craig will order pen kits for the members to use if they will turn and donate them.  The motion carried.
  • Roger is selling honey.
  • Craig has a lot of well-aged walnut if you want to buy some.
  • Terry will coordinate the birdhouse project this year.  Looking for ideas of homes to talk to.
Tony, Craig, Mike L. (a guest), and Rachel won doorprizes

President's Challenges:

Next month's challenge is a bowl


Next month's demonstration will be "Back to Basics - TBD" by Mike Hermann.

Show and Tell

12 members brought items show and tell.

  • Glen: Screwdrivers and scratch awls in exotic woods, bottle stoppers, pens (donation)
  • Pat: Burled bottle stoppers
  • Jim: catalpa bowl and walnut pedestal bowls, box elder lamp pull
  • Keith: acrylic pen to donate, black cherry bowl
  • Kat: Birdhouses, bottle stoppers, pens for the troops
  • Mike Hermann: Bowl with worm holes, cherry bowl, two small maple bowls, first segmented bowl, tool handle
  • Jerry: gold leafed winged bowl, turned pencil
  • Stefan: osage orange duck calls, natural edge walnut bowl
  • Cassie: three pens: spalted maple, koa, and blue acrylic
  • Terry: bowl with a shiny WOP buffed finish, maple bowl with a textured rim from the bandsaw
  • Gary: Frisbee
  • Craig: two drilled lidded boxes

Instant Gallery of Show and Tell Items

President’s Challenge

8 Members participated in this month's President's Challenge of an off-center turning.

Joyce was the winner.

  • Craig - egg cup with offset stem
  • Kenneth - offset maple goblet
  • Roger - offset mahogany baby rattle
  • Terry - offset box elder bowl
  • Mike H - four sided cherry bowl
  • Joyce - oak offset candle holder
  • Tim - cam shaft box
  • Carrie - maple candle holder with offset stem


Mike Hermann demonstrated the basics of bowl turning.


Jun 2012 Newsletter

June 14, 2012 Meeting Minutes

2 guests and 28 members were present.

Treasurer’s report: $1863.28 balance.

Library report: Nothing new this month, but Terry is looking for suggestions of a video that shows proper use of carbide tip tools.

Old business

  • Hematite demo is July 4 1-5pm.
  • Craig will still look into the resources for the Jefferson County Art guild as a carryover from the May meeting.
  • Tim is going to work on creating the list of equipment and serial numbers.
  • Craig built a rolling stand for the new lathe.
  • Need to follow up on the Twin City Days selling bowls.

New Business

  • It's becoming hard to find the small birds for birdhouses, so grab them if you see them.
  • 29 memberships paid up for 2012.  15 people who were members last year have not renewed.  We have 7 new members this year.
  • Nametags are available for new people.
  • End Grain sealer is available for purchase.
  • Mike Short knows a guy with 500 board feet of walnut.  See him if you're interested in going in on it.
  • Roger brought in applications for the wood carver's art show, Nov 3-4.  if anyone is interested in having a booth there.
  • Guest turners: Discussion on whether or not it's something for the club to pursue.
  • It was suggested that we may want to have a more structured format for turning day.
  • Carrie will look into estimating the AV equipment that would be required for showing demos.
  • Carrie has 3 turned pieces in the Emerging Artist show at the craft alliance, opening June 22.

President's Challenges:

Next month's challenge is an off-center stem turning.


Next month's demonstration will be "Back to Basics - Bowl Turning" by Mike Hermann.

Show and Tell

13 members brought items show and tell.

  • Keith - segmented bowl of maple and walnut
  • Arnie - pen
  • Carrie - honey mesquite disc for jewelry making
  • Bruce - Small box elder bowl
  • Greg - Large bird house in birch and maple
  • Mike Hermann - small cedar hollow form, cherry bowl
  • Gary - "Full Moon Flight" wall hanging collaborative effort of box elder, hickory, and carved geese of various woods.
  • Terry - Large Cherry platter/shallow bowl, Box Elder bowl, Hard Maple urn shape
  • Pat - Finial on a stand, failed finial efforts, cattail yard ornament with turned walnut cat tails and aluminium leaves, painted green.
  • Glen - Large cottonwood bowl, end box elder bowl with great flame, wormholes, and a crack filled with walnut bark.
  • Rachel - a bunch of pens and an engraver's handle
  • Tim - walnut bowl, set of four aspen bowls
  • Craig - pen turned by his granddaughter, very tall catalpa vase

Instant Gallery of Show and Tell Items

President’s Challenge

15 Members participated in this month's President's Challenge of a finial.

Gary was the winner.

  • Mike Hermann, lidded box with a finial
  • Tim, purple dyed finial
  • Craig, sea urchin christmas ornament
  • Greg, colored finial and a smaller finial
  • Carrie, ebony finial
  • Pat, walnut
  • Kenneth, osage orange
  • Keith, segmented cherry bowl with bloodwood finial
  • Joyce, bradford pear and walnut finial
  • Joyce again, natural branch box of bradford pear with maple finial
  • Roger, box elder
  • Glen, brazilian rose wood finial, with a stump burl base
  • Mike Short, red heart finial
  • Gary with an african blackwood finial on a segmented form made by another turner, Jim.
  • Joe Witener, walnut


Mike Hermann demonstrated turning a wacky off-center stem.

May 2012 Newsletter

May 10, 2012 Meeting Minutes

3 guests  and 29 members were present.

Treasurer’s report: $1893.87 balance.

Library report: Nothing new this month.  Terry suggested getting a dvd on small segmented items, but the members voted not to get it.

Old business

  • Fred made the plaque for the lathe guard.
  • Tony did an update on the Hematite demo on the July 4th. time 1 to 5pm. Will have more info next meeting.
  • Updated By-laws were voted on, Dan Coleman made the motion to accept, with Joyce Baldauf seconding. The motion passed.
  • Hillsboro career day update, 9 class with 20-27 students per class. Jim Anderson, Gary Gronborg, and Bruce Gallion doing the demo. They had really positive remarks about the event.
  • We did not get the AAW grant. We thanked Mike Hermann for his great work.

New Business

  • Craig has 248 top blanks in his barn.
  • Joe Bone has a lathe for $175.00, after some discussion a motion for the club to buy it was moved and 2nd and the motion passed.  The club purchased the Delta Midi lathe.
  • Discussion on marking the clubs equipment. The think is we need to engrave the club name on our items and put together a list of equipment name, model and s/n and have the treasurer keep the list.
  • Free membership to the club for the year 2012 for Paul, because he lets us have turning days at his place. Last year the club gave him $50 for this. We will revisit this after the fall turning day.
  • Joyce talked about a church building that might be a great spot for an art center. Craig will look into the Jefferson County Art guild, to see if they have any plans or resources.
  • Saturday Tim is taking some logs to a saw mill, he is willing to take other members logs if anyone is interested.
  • Gary would like some 6-8 ft cedar log for some landscaping he is doing.
  • We had a lot of door prizes and free wood, I think almost everyone get something.
  • A Pen Box was raffled off, the club got $40.00 and Mike get the box, Cassie was really happy.



President's Challenges:

Next month's challenge is a finial.


Next month's demonstration will be an off-center stem goblet by Mike Hermann.

Show and Tell

8 members brought items show and tell.

Instant Gallery of Show and Tell Items

President’s Challenge

9 Members participated in this month's President's Challenge of thin turned bowls.

Carrie was the winner.

Instant Gallery of President's Challenge Items


Craig demonstrated turning a finial.


Apr 2012 Newsletter

April , 2012 Meeting Minutes

4 guests  and 25 members were present.

Treasurer’s report: $1302.31 balance after turning day expenses (Food cost $126.75, and we took in $97.5) and insurance payment.

Library report: Nothing new this month.

Old business

  • Craig entered us in the AAW website competition.
  • Club Insurance is in place.
  • Craig has arranged a discount with Hartville Tools.  He has a paper describing how to get the discount.
  • Craig is getting a group together for a large order from Penn State Industries.  See him if you are interested.
  • Turning day was a great success with 30 people, 4 lathes going, and great weather.
  • The Mastadon Art fair was very busy on Friday, but sparsely attended on Saturday.

New Business

Demonstration Volunteers Needed

  • Joyce was contacted about demonstrating at Windsor Middle School Career Day on April 27th.  Looking for volunteers to join Joyce for demonstrating.
  • Hillsboro Intermediate school has asked for a career day demonstration on May 1st.  Looking for volunteers.
  • A church has approached Tony to see if we could do a demonstration on July 4th in Hematite.

Student Memberships

In 2011 the club passed a motion to give free student memberships to a student who attended 6 consecutive meetings.  After further consideration with regards to our new student members, the club officers considered this policy to be difficult to track, and hard for the student members to meet the reqirements.  Carrie moved that we repeal the 6 consecutive months rule for minors and institute a student membership plan for anyone under 18.  Dan seconded  it.  We had much discussion including the fact that $10 would cover the insurance costs and it is a reasonable amount for a student to pay.  Students would still be welcome as guests for free, but would not have borrowing privileges.  The motion passed.  Roger donated $10 as a scholarship for our next student member.

By-Law update:

The officers met to discuss updating the by-laws.  There are a few minor updates.  Carrie distributed copies for people to review.  Craig went through the changes and the reasons for the changes.  The updated by-laws will also be posted online for the membership to review so we can vote to approve the changes next month. You can view the by-laws here.

Incorporation:  Pat needs to have 3 directors for the club’s state incorporation.  She suggested using the past presidents for the directors and past presidents would be good candidates since current officers can’t also be directors.  Gary, Mike Short, and Roger agreed to be directors.  Carrie will look into whether directors need to be in the by-laws.

Other new Business:

Glenn is resigning from the Growth Committee due to professional conflicts.

Website:  The library DVDs are all online.  New functions – Comments are available on the articles.

Attendance Prizes:   We drew for lots of prizes.

John Summers is selling his Delta Midi with accessories and the club has the first shot at buying it.  The club discussed and there was a motion to offer $400 and let John decide if he will accept the offer.  The motion carried. John found another buyer for the lathe at a higher price so the club will not be purchasing it.

President's Challenges:

Next month's challenge is a thin turned bowl.


Next month's demonstration will be finials by Craig.

Show and Tell

8 members brought items for show and tell:



  • Glen Bond had several eggs, including one that he decorated with an imitation decorating elf.
  • Carrie had a red bud box with a off center walnut lid, and a persimmon natural edge bowl.
  • Roger had a bocote and goncalo alves pen, and a carved eagle head cane.
  • Mike Hermann had two eccentric stem goblets in spalted maple and walnut.
  • Terry had three catalpa bowls and a natural edge walnut bowl.
  • Joyce made a full size rolling pin (after making child sized ones last month).
  • Craig had two bowls, one with an outflowing form.
  • Rob Cleary had two bowls and a pen.



Instant Gallery of Show and Tell Items

President’s Challenge

15 Members participated in this month's President's Challenge.

Glen and Pat Bond won in a tie.  Glen's egg was turned from cottonwood in two pieces and had a painted bow.  Pat's egg was turned from box elder.

Other participants were Keith, Craig, Kenneth, Tim, Roger, Mike Short, Paul Kirk, Terry, Joyce, Joe, Carrie, Mike Hermann, and Rob.

Instant Gallery of President's Challenge Items


Matt Keim, a guest from the St. Louis club, showed the process of turning a thin walled bowl





Mar 2012 Newsletter

March 8, 2012 Meeting Minutes

13 guests  and 28 members were present.

Treasurer’s report: $1731.81 balance

Library report: New DVDs are available for check out:  Ray Key Finial Box, Basic Box and Capsule Box.  Woodturning, a Foundation Course by Keith Rowley.