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March 2014 Newsletter

March 13, 2014 Meeting Minutes

1 guests, 30 members

Treasurer’s report: $802.88 not including new dues

Librarian's report: New Woodturning Design magazine, New DVD - Mike Mahoney Hollow Forms and Urns

Old business

  • More LED lights are coming for the next meeting

  • Looking for more top blanks

New business

  • Dennis Kehm asked for donations for Jefferson College Foundation silent auction
  • Dues new next week
  • Insurance bill is due
  • St. Louis District Industrial Exhibition looking for demonstrators April 25
  • Turning Day at the band building
  • Spring turning day at Paul’s will be May 3rd
  • AAW website has been updated
  • Hillsboro Middle School demonstration request
  • Wood pickup date at Bellefontaine Cemetary will be Tuesday March 18 at 10:00am.


Show and Tell

  • Jerry Goodson - Catalpa lidded vessel
  • Jim Anderson - Cherry burl lidded vessel
  • Mich Ruch - Walnut and Oak candle pillar, segmented bowls, gavel, oak bowl
  • Steve White - Thompson bowl gouge, bottle stoppers
  • Gary Groenberg - Mystery burl bowl with turquoise inlay, turned target award plaque
  • Mike Short - Maple bowl, Osage orange bowl, segmented bowl, wood splitting tool
  • Joe Whitener - Box elder bowl
  • Rob C - Box Elder and Hackberry vessel
  • Terry - Birch bowls, Box elder vase, Silver maple bowl

Instant Gallery of Show and Tell Items

President’s Challenge

The challenge this month was an off-center turning


  • Keith Buxton
  • Mike Ruch
  • Roger Milfelt
  • Mike Short

Roger won the challenge



Instant Gallery of President's Challenge Items


Terry demonstrated turning a platter

February 2014 Newsletter

February 13, 2014 Meeting Minutes

3 guests, 39 members

Treasurer’s report: $1027.46

Librarian's report: Nothing new

Old business

  • Birdhouse handout, about 10 volunteers handed out 170 birdhouses

  • Pens for Troops, Craig, Gary, and Jim handed out about 85-90 pens

  • New Three-fold brochures were handed out at the Collinsville woodworking show

New business

  • Letter of inquiry about Firecracker Festival will be sent

  • Someone is looking for land to be cleared

  • Brent brought Osage Orange from Bellefontaine Cemetery

  • There are 2 LED lamps left

  • Demonstrations for the year are almost all assigned


Show and Tell

  • Eric Haas - Spalted Maple Bowl, Segmented bowl with lid, Oak bowl
  • Steve White - sharpening jig
  • Mike Hermann, on behalf of his student Stefan - Open segmented bowls
  • Charlie Moriarty - Laminated bowl, mahogany and oak
  • David - Ambrosia Maple bowls, Red Elm bowl
  • Glen Bond - Segmented Maple bowl
  • Pat Bond - Gourd lamp, stand and bowl
  • Roger - Industrial split turning example results, cannon mold, split turned candle holder
  • Mike Short - Bottle stoppers
  • Tim V - Angel Ornament
  • Craig - Sanding attachment
  • Rob - Inside out candle holder
  • Terry - Holly bowl, Mulberry bowl, Apple bowls

Instant Gallery of Show and Tell Items

President’s Challenge

The challenge this month was a split-turned piece

  • Roger - Mahogany and Hackberry Napkin Holder
  • Craig Schmidt - Maple pieces
  • Eric Haas - Hearts
  • Mike Short - Chess pieces
Roger won the challenge


Instant Gallery of President's Challenge Items


Keith demonstrated off-center turning



January 2014 Newsletter

January 9, 2014 Meeting Minutes

1 guests, 28 members

Treasurer’s report: $1669.53

Librarian's report: New Woodturning Design Magazine, New DVD: Mike Mahoney hollow forms and urns

Old business

  • Two Festus turning days of March 15 and August 16 and confirmed

  • The Band Building now has a clock

  • More top blanks are needed

  • Three-fold flyers are in progress

  • Birdhouse distribution at Woodland Manor is upcoming

  • Collinsville Woodworking Show shift sign-up


New business

  • LED Lamps available for sale for $11

  • Ken brought a truckload of Box Elder

  • Terry brought Mulberry blanks

  • January 25 - Festus library display take-down

  • Craig applied for AAW grant for AV equipment


Show and Tell


  • Tom Zeller - Rought-turned bowl
  • Steve White - Cindy Drozda tool and sharpening jig
  • Mike Lammert - Segmented bowl
  • Mike - Box Elder bowl
  • Mike Short - Carved Eggs
  • Gary - Cane, Whistles, Segmented turning press
  • Gregg Dunn - Apple bowl, Catalpa bowl
  • Joe Whitener - Two Walnut Bowls
  • Craig - Natural edge bowl, Pens
  • Dan - Maple bowl, walnut candle holder
  • Terry - Mulberry natural edge bowl, catalpa bowl, holly bowl

Instant Gallery of Show and Tell Items

President’s Challenge

The challenge this month was a multi-piece goblet.

  • Mike Short - Redheart and maple
  • Keith - Maple and Walnut
  • Roger - Catalpa, box elder and purpleheart
  • Greg Dunn - unknown wood
  • Gib - Segmented Celtic Knot
  • Unknown - Cherry
  • Mike - Cherry and Sycamore
  • Craig - Mahogany and Walnut

Gib Midget won.

Instant Gallery of President's Challenge Items


Roger demonstrated next month's challenge, a split turning.


December 2013 Newsletter

December 12, 2013 Meeting Minutes

3 guests, 34 members

Treasurer’s report: $1609

Librarian's report: Nothing new

Old business

  • Lathe motor has been replaced

  • Library display put up in Festus

  • Pens for Troops - Date for distribution TBA

  • New club shirts arrived

  • Registered for Collinsville woodworking show

  • Birdhouse project - Monday Jan 13. 2:30pm


New business

  • Shift sign up for the Collinsville show

  • Two days for Festus turning days - March 15 & August 16, if available

  • Eric Haas wins a gift certificate for entering all 11 President’s Challenges
    Other participants were Mike and Roger.


Show and Tell


Instant Gallery of Show and Tell Items

1. Bruce’s nephew - Segmented bowl & mosquito

2. Paul - Walnut Bowl, Walnut Box, Tool Rest

3. Gib - Segmented Pen

4. Joyce - Drive centers

5. Glen - Christmas Trees

6. Steve White - Christmas Ornaments 7. Terry - Bowls - Walnut, Holly, Mulberry


Gift Exchange

No challenge this month.

Next month is a multi-piece goblet



November 2013 Newsletter

November 14, 2013 Meeting Minutes

4 guests, 33 members

Treasurer’s report: $1743

Librarian's report: December Woodturning Design issue

Old business

  • Belleville Woodcarver's show
  • Club Turning Day
  • Firecracker days money distributed to quad cities
  • Twin cities days money distributed to food pantries
  • Jim, Gary and Bruce did Hillsboro turning demo

New business

  • New capacitor blew on lathe - Glenn made a motion we buy a new motor. Tim seconded motion carried
  • Past library display disbursed by Keith
  • Dec. 7th Festus library display
  • Pens for troops are coming in, giveout day TBA
  • Talked about changes to color of logo on shirts for visibility
  • Tim moved we participate in the Collinsville woodworking show, motion passed
  • Calendar picture elections
  • Christmas party is in December with a gift exchange
  • Gary brought items to give away
  • Elections - no new nominations, Carrie withdraws for presidental nomination, Keith elected President, Carrie elected Vice-President

Show and Tell

Instant Gallery of Show and Tell Items

President’s Challenge

President's Challenge was a Christmas Ornament

Instant Gallery of President's Challenge Items

Mike demonstrated turning a goblet.