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June 2014 Newsletter

Thursday June 12, 2014 Meeting Minutes

37 members and 3 guests in attendance

Treasurer’s report: $2551

Librarian's report: Nothing New

Old business

  • Gary reported on turning day at Hillsboro
  • July 26 Festus artist's event, free for displays
  • Jim Anderson confirmed that we are not required to participate in the Firecracker Festival
  • Keith reported on the Belleville Art Show


New business


  • End Grain sealer is on sale for $10 a gallon
  • Rockler has good cherry birdhouse sticks on sale


Show and Tell

  1. Terry Eiler - Rotten unknown bowls, Box elder bowl, three-corner bowl

  2. Mike Ruch - cherry bowl, segmented vessel

  3. Mark Carpenter - Wands, segmented bowl with stand

  4. Eric Haas’s son - Snowman ornament

  5. Kat Stegall - Acrylic and pine cone pens, Holly bowl, mulberry vase

  6. Glen Bond - Ambrosia vessel with black palm finial

  7. Mike Short - Bottlestoppers, laminated blanks

  8. Joe Whitener - Walnut bowls

  9. Keith Buxton - Laminated cherry and walnut rolling pin

Instant Gallery of Show and Tell Items

President’s Challenge


The challenge this month was a something segmented.  Mike Short and Keith Buxton tied

  • Mike Short - segmented pen

  • Keith Buxton - Segmented Vase with tumbling blocks

  • Craig Schmidt- Stave turning

  • Mike Ruch - Segmented vessel with tumbling box

  • Roger Milfelt- Segmented Egg

  • Mike Carpenter - Segmented vessel and stand

  • Kat Stegall - Pens

Instant Gallery of President's Challenge Items


Carrie discussed options for inlay

President's challenge for July - Something with inlay



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