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May 2014 Newsletter

May 8, 2014 Meeting Minutes

24 members in attendance

Treasurer’s report: $3321

Librarian's report: Nothing New

Old business


  • Turning day at Paul’s was a success 28 attendees
  • Paul provided demo at Flo Valley
  • Demonstration at Hillsboro school May 16, volunteer needed
  • Jim Anderson - Jefferson College auction report
  • Still waiting on projector and boom mic for club A/V equipment


New business


  • Gary retiring from library display effort, Roger wil be taking over
  • Terry Eiler won an award in DeSoto art show
  • Application for Belleville woodcarver’s show - Carrie moved we apply for the Belleville woodcarver’s show - motion passed
  • Website has been updated


Show and Tell


  1. Jim Anderson - Walnut pedestal bowl, cherry burl vessel
  2. Gail - Laminated bowl, headstock sander
  3. Gary - Jim Akins' Padauk bowl, Burr Oak Burl bowl with turquoise inlay
  4. Paul Hoffman - Large Cherry Bowl, other small bowls
  5. Mike Ruch - Walnut and Oak, Segmented canister, Live edge  bowl, Cane, Steady rest
  6. Roger - Live edge bowl, Autumn Olive Egg
  7. Steve - Laminated wood and newspaper article
  8. Mark Carpenter - Segmented cutting Jig, Segmented vases
  9. Kat - Pine cone pen blanks and pens, bowls, gavel
  10. Jim L. - Walnut bowls, Sycamore bowl
  11. Mike S. - Elm bowl, box elder bowl, Segmented pens


Instant Gallery of Show and Tell Items


President’s Challenge


The challenge this month was a three-cornered bowl.  There were 6 entries and Mike Short won

  1. Roger - Pine

  2. Mike Short - Silver Maple

  3. Craig -

  4. Paul - Cottonwood

  5. - laminated wood

  6. MIke R. - Three corner platter


Instant Gallery of President's Challenge Items



Mike demonstrated turning laminated items

President's challenge for June - Something laminated or segmented



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